Woodland Muangmai- Wood Sculpture Museum Thailand

Lohailand. This private museum annually attracts numerous tourists to Thailand tcated in the County of Don Phaek covers, district of Nakhon Chai Si, the Pathom, To visit, explore.

The Museum of investment and foster beauty to the details of each work to show meticulous work, strict in demands, kung fu. Art not only has full display of art, the Museum of science and reasonable combination of system design and impressive, light and sound cadence, it is very easy to bring to relax, relax the tourists to visit the museum at muangmai forest, Thailand.



With thousands of these things works wood carving was created by the talented hands of flowers of the same great creative minds of humans, where it is kept and exhibited the works from wood with dozens of topics that attract different. Have to say, if you want to witness gathering thousands of works of the most sophisticated, unique wood for a stroke, come here.

Museum in Woodland, with many areas, Muangmai each area divided trunwng presentation of the different products in the same theme. The area first impression perhaps is where to place the sculptures of the goddess. With exquisitely carved, soft and flexible, each wooden statues and incredibly honest. It seems that human creativity is unlimited. From the senseless Woody, through the hands of the people, the beauty of truth is shown filled with exquisite, elaborately. You will not be able to take your eyes off the statue and can see forever not bored.



Within steps next favorite is the area dedicated to Buddhism. Religion is popular in Thailand, it's no surprise that Buddhism is reserved part of the museum. These works express the spirit of Buddhism ornate, bold Thai culture, which sometimes works subtly echoes little of Indian culture or Chinese make up the diversity and attractiveness. One of the most outstanding works here is work with the Buddhist idea of popular roots.

The works here are not only artistic but also carries the lofty humanism. So, if you travel to Thailand, spend some time in his schedule to visit this museum slightly.