Wat Phra Dhammakaya Temple, there are millions of Buddha in Thailand

Travel to Thailand to explore Buddhist temple Wat Phra Dhammakaya owns the giant and magnificent beauty is unmatched in Thailand always made visitors are overwhelmed when to first.

Phra Dhammakaya temple is a house Wat temple large scale in Thailand, from Bangkok about 16 km north of Phra Dhammakaya Bac.Chua commenced Wat built in 1995, owns a magnificent architectural beauty and giant temple situated on land with 320,000 m2 area, located in the district of Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani province. to go up to the top of the tower, visitors will take at least 15 minutes walk. With massive scale, unique design, to build the throne, people are consuming more than $ 1 billion .. We can say that this is one of the wonders of the world Buddhism in modern times.



International airport located about 50 km Suvarnabumi Northern Buddhist temple Wat Phra Dhammakaya is shaped like a flying saucer landed on the water. Hand circular base is huge, wide comfortable stairs up successive peaks. A hemispherical building, gilded "sits" on top of the temple.



Working together is called Dhammakaya cetiya, is the focus of the whole building is unique, this is a huge dome is known by the government of Dhammakaya 3 million cetiya gold copper buddha. There are 7 million statues in the temple founder th.B n of the same golden dome of the church is Dhammakaya - phramonkolthepmuni other way to the surrounding concrete called chantang outside.




One of the main rituals in his mind this self took place at sunset, when the Sun is out preparation. All monks in the temple Wat Phra Dhammakaya were placed in front of a large candle and meditate until the sun set exactly, light projection candle around the Zen zone.



The temple is open for free all days of the week, visitors can move easily by bus or taxi from Bangkok to visit this unique project. However, it should be noted that up to visit the temple on cloudy days by the large scale here, tourists will take some time to walk outdoors.