Visiting the Boat pagoda full of mystery in Thailand

Thailand is famous for temples architectural works quite nicely. One of the works may be mentioned that the boat temple (wat yannawa) with a boat shaped like extremely fancy and attract tourists.


The temple boat (local name is Wat Yannawa) by King Rama III built hundreds of years ago, is located at the Charoen krung Sathon district, Bangkok. This temple has a harmonious combination of architecture of the Chinese boat shape with towering roofs of Thai architecture. Marine ship models before the pagoda to record the State of affairs of Thai maritime with the neighboring countries.



The temple worships Buddha the same few dozen property capital had monks vases of different sizes. The adherents to the Buddhist ceremony very sincerely. They are "silent" Buddhas and bridge ceremony wishing good things. After the ceremony, they knelt before Jesus a monk to receive indulgences proceedings article and would like an aromatic water. 



In the temple of yannawa Wat river flows through Bangkok life, this is a very sacred fish, these fish skin smooth, 2 to 3 kilograms of the struggle, when thousands of children crowded to eat, they have a particularly dark river. A Bangkok fishermen do not catch fish, if caught, they would put the fish on the shore. The river is full of dense bird. They crowded together, dense, swam near the boat, calm, picking up food in the tourist light of heart from care, and left hand side, feeding habits of strangers. Quiet scenery and poetry.



A strange story is told about building is located opposite temple gate is currently derelict. This is because building an Arab merchant building 40-storey hotel certainly immediately before the pagoda since 1995. Although the Abbot alerted the authorities should cancel this project, because if built up building will definitely back the movement of the raw gas flow exit, it will cause more serious problems.



However, the Arab billionaire continues to execute and when the building started to peak higher than the Tower of the temple then many accidents have happened in succession in his family. He also billionaire died of a car accident. Both the Arab billionaire's family want to panic sell unfinished buildings but to date no one dares to buy and the building was abandoned for many years. The story idea as ridiculous but true, it makes for its sacred temple's more convincing than.