Visit the White Palace in Thailand

Thailand has temples, palaces is very unique. This has contributed to attracting tourists to Thailand in the past several years. In addition to the hugely popular Palace then this country has very strange places. Ananta Samakhom Palace has a beautiful design, but not many people know. There will be a new experience for the tourists when visiting this monumental work.

Ananta Samakhom Palace or the White Palace was built in 1907 by King Rama V to hosts the daily visitors, and it takes 8 years to complete on a lifetime buy Rama VI. Ananta Samakhom is located in the heart of Bangkok's crowded but peaceful in appearance and bearing. The space around the Ananta Samakhom very blue sky with white clouds, the grass and the flower village, was carefully trimming in front. The impression of this Palace is the shape of the surface world and merits a white spirit many of today's life.



Ananta Samakhom architecture is a unique landmark for tourists Thailand admire. The palace was designed based on the architecture of the Italian Renaissance that has not forgotten accents Thai style. Ananta Samakhom built with marble imported from Canada, Italy should be very stable and pristine white. In which the roof is shaped arched and bold spikes country Golden Temple. Even part dome was sculpted paintings describing Chakri Dynasty form a beautiful beautiful frescoes for guests to admire.


The palace has two floors. Inside, you will enjoy a "space art eyes" and many subtle, Royal instrument precision manufacturing gimmick, frame, the throne of the king of Thailand. Upstairs are Ananta samakhom painting texture of the Rome times, many local events like the tropping parade colors in December the Red Cross or the exhibition in the last three months.


Sadly, visitors are not allowed to take pictures, when entering the palace. You should also pay attention to the problem of clothing. The short skirts, shorts, vest dew, three holes...... Are not allowed to enter the palace. With the girls will put the snake everywhere - traditional women's clothing of Thailand tourism Ananta samakhom house will certainly be an interesting experience, it is difficult to forget for tourists in Thailand.