Visit the largest flower market in Bangkok

Thai tourism interesting in that there are many things interesting that every time you set foot back to discover new things. In Bangkok there is a completely different market place for the faithful love flowers and plants. Especially the girls would love to come here to admire and buy flowers.

Pak Klong Talad flower market is the largest in the capital, Bangkok. The market is located on Chak Phet and near the Memorial Bridge. Pak Klong Talad works almost day and night so you can visit this place any time you would like to. However, the best time to visit the flower market is before the dawn (3-4 am). At the moment, the very busiest flower market buy sell guys. The wholesalers carrying fresh flowers come in when the traders and retailers looking to buy large quantities. Also if you want to buy and feel a gentle flower market, Basic you may not come in the afternoon.



Pak Klong say Talad market but most are high-rise buildings with floors 1 sold flowers close together to form a long distance. When you arrive, you easy spotting of fragrant flowers as well as from their brilliant colors. Pak Klong Talad flower diversity in many categories such as chrysanthemum, rose, orchid, lapis, trumpet ... full colors of red, orange, blue, white .... Each store has layout different, most are sold bouquet cotton 50-100 range. The cost of the bundle so cheap and simple but impressive. There are many bouquets or flowers plugged more elaborate with many flowers suitable combination to bring gifts on special occasions. Pak Kong Talad flower very old should be more people looking to order.



At Pak Klong Talad also sold all United under the weight to the top teams or wreaths decorated walls. Many stores have flower service to your liking if you have ideas or can present and soon will get his own beautiful bouquets.



Prices are usually quite cheap, but in the big holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or graduation season, some flowers will be pushed prices three to four times more expensive than normal.