Visit the city of colorful love in Thailand

Thailand is not only the land of the flashy, bustle but also stamped by the romance, interesting. You want to have a Thai trip full of youth and sweetness can visit Minosa-the city of love of country Gold Pagoda.

Minosa located near Pattaya. You can look Minosa play to change the atmosphere after visiting Pattaya crowded, boisterous. This city is less than 5ha but extremely interesting that you will not accidentally left foot.

The overall impression is one of space up Minosa colorful, brilliant by the color of the buildings here. Houses and shops in Minosa close together. Though small but Minosa not missing any special services and more that visitors like you are lost in the sky Steps certain Western Europe in the heart of Thailand. Minosa walk and visit, you will find out up front as the city of love Colmar (France), the small accents of the Netherlands or the UK's London ... The houses built in the style Minosa modern European style, colorful green, red, purple, yellow ... Minosa where only that. There is also the long road, the nooks romantic, lyrical flowing river meandering through the city, the stone seats arranged somewhere on the streets, sometimes a whisper of wind shake the trees ... all are painted onto a Minosa romantic and sweet.

Minosa is not in a hurry, so you will see the soul walking easily. Every corner of the city to explore, if you feel tired legs, go wet, can be in a place to eat on the left side of the road you choose the most love the taste of tea, or continue your journey. In every corner of the small Minosa into the frame, let the pictures become lively and interesting. It can be said that the Minosa, aim at your eyes will have a lot of pictures of "virtual life" good.

Minosa people are extremely aware pleasing afternoon visitors. None more wonderful than when they are blooming buds fresh as flowers and friendly Joseph greets the customers. Around the city, you can visit the garden of ornamental fish or birds Frolic along the cute lamb.

At sunset, Minosa becomes all the more sweet. Evening came, the beautiful transgender girl also serves these special performances, charm that makes you hard to left eye. A shimmering, vibrant space as is definitely the place you can't miss when Thailand travel, right?