Visit Lumphini Park - the green lungs of Bangkok

After the journey to visit Bangkok bustle, you want to look to a peaceful place and to relax? Please visit the Lumphini Park to enjoy a cool green space and rest before entering the next Thailand trip.

You will be surprised when you arrive in the midst Lumphini Park Bangkok's bustling capital city has a green and peaceful place like that. Lumphini Park, located between Silom district, there are large campus is considered "green lung" of Bangkok. It is covered with cool blue eyes, fresh air, cool, a place to relax and find amusement of locals and tourists of all ages Bangkok. At 8 am and 6 pm, the park will joyous music Lumphini Anthem Thailand.



It is known that in 1920, King Rama VI gave wide 57 ha piece of land exploration and design, built into a park to house the air conditioner to the city and to have open spaces smart people relax. Thus, Lumphini Park was born. The name of the Park was named for the birthplace of the Buddha in Nepal.



You can spend time in the park is Everything is going smoothly. just to enjoy a day of Bangkok is very different in the photograph. The morning, when the sun climbed in the city park, is a senior health fitness yoga, Tai Chi, n ng... "If you want to integrate into the physical, is very simple, because outside the gym tourism in the park. In addition, in the other place is paradise is allowing you to enjoy a series of outdoor sports and sports activities in the gym, such as rowing, basketball, bike...... You can also rent a bike to ride the ducks around the lake vegetation, beautiful scenery around. Not only that, in the diversity of plants, you may also find a reptile, the size of the crocodile big spring dog or new acrobatics these squirrels in the tree...... All create a positive, fun park.



After the exercises, you can sit down, breathe fresh air, enjoy the natural river and Lake Center of the heart to help relax and prepare for the next road. If you are a love of reading meditation or lumphini, is a great "location service" loving friends, not only help visitors enjoy quiet time and place, it is interesting to adapt to nature, look like trees, palm garden rich orchid garden......

The weekend is the paradise is more interesting, because when his family took the children came here very crowded. Even, visitors can also see these performances a free street band.

Not stop there, because it is paradise, there are lots of delicious food. In particular, you should try the "tourism" is Pad Thai or Thailand (Thailand Hot pot Jim Joom).