Tourism in Myanmar in the virtual dream world-Myanmar's Inle Lake

Maybe when you prompted to South East Asia, then can say Myanmar still is a name quite new to many friends in the world. But for the people of Thailand, then this country is dear brother country in South East Asia when you choose travel in Myanmar there are many interesting and beautiful things await visitors to explore.

Come to this beautiful country, not only can be dignified and discover the beauty of the ancient temple, besides that you can choose from many other tourist places, because there are so many fascinating and incredibly beautiful scene charm. One of them is Lake Inle. Inle Lake is located in Central Myanmar, is considered the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar with an area of up to 116 km 2, the deepest point of the Lake is nearly 4 m and the average depth of the Lake is 1, 5 m. Here visitors as in the virtual world's dream world, the peacefulness of this place along with the interesting culture of the people.

Inle is a freshwater lake located in the mountains 600 km Yangon way. This is one of the largest freshwater lake in Myanmar with people mainly live on the Lake.

Inle (Inlay) in Myanmar means big lake, located in the heart of Shan State, Taung-kyi, Shan State capital, about 40 km to the South. The Lake is located at an altitude of approximately 889 m above sea level, surrounded by high mountains, and has an area of about 220 km ². The deepest place of about 6 m, water level changes according to season the difference between shallow season (May), and filled water season (August) about 1.2 m.

Inle Lake is not only the beauty but also love marine paint is home to Inthar people (a minority of Myanmar). Inthar, Myanamar means "people who live on the Lake". From a thousand years, Lake Inle is where all the social life of the nation Inthar.

Completely Inthar people living on the Lake. They built homes and structures on the Lake. The initiative is considered of the Inthar is the work they undertook the cultivation of crops on water by creating the famous friends from their cheap, MOSS and fixed by the bamboo plant plug down the Lake. As such, the "floating" will rise and descend upon the water level in the Lake.

The most common crops of tomatoes is Inthar, tomatoes are grown on Inle Lake is a specialty of this place. Myanmar people often mouth the phrase "to Inle without tomato salad here as never been to Inle". When his daughter reached marriageable age, parents often cut to a few friends as well to daughters dowry, where they live to push friends that arable farming, livelihood. Apart from farming, people living in Inthar fishery resources caught in the lake.

Sporadically in the light of the dawn in the East, ball tossing fishing nets people on the Lake. Pictures Inthar boating men with one foot in the dugout, has become a cultural characteristic of outdoor activities. Inle is not only attracting visitors by the wild beauty, and the resort close to nature, that it is the destination of many tourists who want to learn about a culture region has quite a long history.

At present South of Lake Inle is still a land as Bagan of Shan State. It is the ancient city of Indein rest with these structures are built with bricks from the 11th century, where once was the capital of King Shan, or the beauty of the culture of ethnic minorities like the Padaung ethnic-long neck.

If you went around the corner of Lake Inle, you can not miss sunset impressive. A glow orange from the corner of the sky falling all down, as bright a corner of the sky, the scenery becomes fanciful, that visitors can not help sobbing, sunk before space peaceful and dreamy. Bring something to eat with the music, enjoy moments of dazzling them with your friends is always a memorable experience.

Bike ride up Red Mountain, where grape growing and wine making country's famous great wall of the pagoda is a pleasant experience. You are lazing under a tree canopy, sweeping Inle from on high, enjoy a glass of wine under the weather is cooler, causing not a few people I'm going in a peaceful village of France.