The floating market is worth the most when traveling to Thailand

This is a separate culture of Thailand with a lot of new things. To the floating markets such as Damnoen Saduak, Tailing Chan or Amphawa, ... you'll be exploring the domain life jewelry deal of the river of the water of the golden pagoda of people with incredibly interesting experiences.



One of the places that attracts many visitors for tours in Thailand's floating market Damnoen Saduak-Bangkok Centre about 1 hour away by car. In the market there is a private area for locals and tourists. In the zone for visitors, you will find pictures of the street art performers attract many viewers as well as selling cheap souvenirs. Meanwhile, in the area towards Khun Phitak has a lot of stores sold tropical fruits such as mangosteen, Rambutan, and all the most famous local dish is grilled fish dishes with delicious taste tingle crush know how visitors Free.



The trade of the people in this famous market mainly takes place in the early morning, from about 6 pm with agricultural products and daily necessities of the people. About 8 h is the time for the store caters for tourists to visit. Travel tickets often accompanied the charge air boat ride on the River, however to go along the Canal you have to take charge again, about 150 baht. Here, you can sit on a boat on the River to see the bustling scene of people discretion River domain.


2. Tailing CHAN Floating Market


Floating Market Tailing Chan 12km from Bangkok, very easy for you to visit without having to book a tour in advance, or even have to get up early. If you do not have the means to travel separately, you can catch a train to the terminal end called Wongwian Yai and from there catch a taxi to Tailing Chan with just 150 baht, compared with many busy market area famous others Tailing Chan markets bore rustic authenticity and more.



Coming to market Tailing Chan in tour Thailand, you can sit on a boat enjoying the seafood dishes perfect for lunch with the natives, or along the surrounding canal khlongs only 100 baht to procure enough things and enjoy a lot of delicious dishes. You even can get foot massages under the trees just 200 baht.

Market opened on the 7th and Sunday, from 8 am to 5 pm so you select the most appropriate time to feel and discover it this bazaar.


3. The famous AMPHAWA Market

From the capital Bangkok, about 80 kilometers southwest of the famous tourist market, amphawa already know many kinds of goods especially fruits and seafood. The meeting market along the canal connected rivers and open klong Mae from 12 noon to 8 pm you sixth days, Saturday and Sunday.



Go to Thailand travel market to amphawa, visitors can go looking to buy a souvenir shop, becoming the two vertical channels in the market, enjoy the fruits or vegetables baked seafood sold live on the ship. In addition, tourism can also sit on the steps of the two rows, along the coastal zone data channel or eat seafood barbecue, bar sell drinks can eat on the shore just enjoy the songs, music, puppetry and repertoire not expert artists the freedom of children T The "acting area. Although the experience of quiet place is very simple but very rare.