The dawn on the whole excellent in Thailand

Thailand is a very popular destination in South East Asia in this country there are plenty of interesting things from beautiful beaches to the entertainment zone, a rich culinary culture. The couple, the couple's son or the guy/girl likes in the fresh air, beautiful landscape will more ham love Thailand. By processing facility in Golden Temple there are many viewing her beautiful vase hardly missed. A trip to Thailand will be more meaningful if contemplate its beauty from the time he was the sun up high right? Don't lament having to get up early because the moment he definitely will make you forget hard right at the end of shifts, cruise tourism in Thailand.

Phangan Island

island Pha Ngan is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. Phangan Island today has become a famous tourist destination of the land of the Golden Temple. Beach in this island always praise the peaceful beauty just like a painting.

In particular, known beach of Haad Rin at most - where the Full Moon Party festival lively, passionate. In addition, the island also possesses many white sand beaches such as Kat Khom sun, Than Sadet, Hat Yuan, Hat Thian ...

Dawn at Phangan Island is an outstanding natural area. As the sun gradually dawn behind the mountains in the distance, silhouetted figure down blue sea wake Phangan island after a while to sink in the stars at night. Do not hesitate to take quick camera or smartphone to record this wonderful moment.

Phi Phi Island View

Non KOH or non island is no longer strange believers, Thailand tourism. This is a large province in the offshore islands of Phuket Island. Koh know a lot of time is Fifi movie background is from the 2000 "beach". This Hollywood film in many movie stars like Leonardo Dicaprio Virginie's family in ledoyen... Phi Phi islands named paradise beach is clean, has the world's largest, is to explore Thailand travel.

One to see the sunrise and panoramic views of KOH * - most notably in the high position, from 183 meters, visitors can see the panoramic view of the island paradise of green clean. Moreover, the sunrise or sunset on the island from the point of view of Fifi will be very impressed with the mountains and fresh water.


In Bangkok there are so many points so you can enjoy the dawn as Lumpini or Thai Imperial Palace ... The capital of the Department of fun Golden Pagoda will be bustling about the peaceful and quiet time is early morning. Meanwhile, the weather is also much more pleasant and just wandering the streets at 5:30 a.m. ' well enough you feel a whole new breath of Bangkok. This will be an extremely experience storage beast don't miss Bangkok trip with friends, relatives.

Wat Arun, Temple Of The Dawn

Now the name is well enough made many people imagine about this temple. This is an extremely ideal locations for those who resolve to get up early watching the sun rise. Even, at sunset as seen from the balcony of the highest Pagoda of Wat Arun is also extremely marvelous fantasy.

Wat Arun has a unique design, built with bricks and ceramic coating on the outside. The temple can be seen from the panoramic view of the Chao Phraya River and Bangkok city.