The Coral Reef Island of Thailand-wild beauty captivated visitors

Mention Thailand, people mention free gold country, shopping paradise, a scenic illustrious eating, unique flavor, island beach, nature is very fascinated. If one who entered the Coral Island Coral Island, will not forget the wonderful gift of the creator of the same series of entertainment activities are very interesting.

See the beauty of the Coral Island

From Pattaya City with more than 30 minutes away by cano, is you have to come with beautiful coral island. The Coral Atoll (Coral Island), the Thai name is Koh Lann is one of the Islands has the most beautiful beach in Thailand with smooth sand twins with crystal-clear blue water waves, is famous for the diversity of coral and organisms the sea. Different from traditional flowers, air bearing, of modern Pattaya, Thailand travel tour to the island can soak into the cool, fresh air of a tropical sea. In crystal-clear blue waters with sandy beaches stretching, Golden sunshine everywhere along peaceful natural setting, dreaming gives you a feeling of relaxed peaceful soul.

The atoll has a coastline stretching more than 4, 5 km from North to South with over 90% of the island's forest plant and animal ecosystems with extremely rich diversity especially the pristine coral island attracts many tourists go tour travel to Thailand to visit.

The exciting activities on coral island

With white sand, blue sea, Sunshine yellow, besides watching and relaxing, visitors to the island is also a ballad, the explorations are so amazing. Guests can swim in the clear waters see coral reefs with the cube of the same strange creatures of the sea are plentiful and diverse. A beach at the atoll attracts plenty of visitors come to tour Thailand because it is famous for its clean and beautiful as its name. Here you also can compromise overall sports adventure at sea full of fascinating and interesting as: parachuting, parasailing, surfing, cano racing. ... also, you enjoy a rich culinary culture with extremely reasonable prices.

Before leaving the Coral to get back to Pattaya, you can choose to buy for yourself or your friends, relatives, small cute little items from the souvenirs until the vendors are present throughout the Coral along the coast.