The 7-storey waterfall in Erawan Thailand

In addition to the sea, in Thailand is still the venue for you spoiled splash and enjoy the cool air in the sultry season. Not only that, the scenery is still pretty amazing. Erawan waterfall is that-a Thailand tourist could not ignore those who love nature and photography.

Erawan waterfall is located in the Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi. This park covers an area of ​​550 km2 wide range includes a rich ecosystem and caves, stunning. Erawan waterfall which was dubbed the most beautiful land of the Golden Temple, is the address you hardly rejected when arriving here. This waterfall consists of 7 floors and gets higher the more beautiful the scenery change over. The climate is extremely cool, convenient for sightseeing.



Erawan monglai source of water falls down from the mountain and a height of 2000 meters and khwae Yai River flows. Because in the forest, so the surrounding scenery is very spectacular waterfalls and poetic. The water from the high white foam, to serve as a fuzzy white ribbon h long, and finally calm, quiet. The United States Mi u and Erawan were the scenery, love this place in a lot of people and a lot of photographers. From above, Erawan is very beautiful, very cold. Gurgling water and chirping birds, for like a music is not good words of nature.

In the first floor of the falls overlook such a wide Lake, blue waters, in the veo. You can see clearly the fish are swimming, kick up the cliffs to sink deep under water. The first floor is where many people visit for as easy going and Nice. Not just for sightseeing, photography, level 1 is also swimming safety for our guests love the water and want to avoid the hot sun. Just dip under blue waters has just been listening to birdsong, the scenic woodlands, nothing.


From the third floor up pretty hard going but many tourists Thailand courage and perseverance are still determined to visit all seven cascading waterfalls. Not that, the landscape on the 7th floor of the Erawan makes you must not stop the exclamation. 7th floor, Erawan waterfall is about 1.5 km of the surface.

On his way to the title Prince of the Erawan waterfall Wonderland, which made visitors enjoy non-stop. The towering forest trees, the many large limestone stalactites and stalagmites enough sparkling color ... will make you remember not to forget.



In the rainy season is most beautiful at the Erawan waterfall by Rapids, then landed as a powerful hero. When collecting on, trees in the area of Red Gold gradient transform the Erawan waterfall become feminine, more meek and more brilliant with lots of earthy tones.

The natural, isn't it that the famous Erawan waterfall. In the Thailand trip, please visit its the place to discover and experience ensure will not leave you disappointed. This geographic range 200 km from Bangkok the price admission to national parks is 300 baht.