Stunned by the beauty attracted 3 new destinations in Thailand country

If you are lovers of the beauty of the land, the people and the modern shopping area of Thailand then you probably were too accustomed to luxury Bangkok, Phang Nga Bay PhuKet sea with lovely clear waters. But in Thailand also the city beautiful Mimosa, the Ananta Samakhom and vineyard Vineyard is 3 new destinations that you may not yet know.

1. Ananta samakhom Palace


Ananta samakhom is a unique palace of King Rama V based on local officials to meet foreign guests and local organizations of the Advisory Committee meeting on the development of the national economy, political and National Palace to complete. In the use of Luo Wang era.



Ananta samakhom came to the palace in Thailand travel friend not suddenly from the tower before the palace cornices spires and domes, architectural image, is a typical traditional export in Thailand. The dome is an important event in a huge mural of the arrival time from the Royal King Rama Rama king of the era.

The second house Ananta samakhom marble shining. In the 24 area the position of art simulation tools the jewelry carved by the royal family's work and in-depth work, like the throne, sitting in the back of an elephant, cover the model ship king dragon. Note that when you enter your travel sector must comply with strict rules, such as clothes, do not wear short pants, three holes, the woman took the snake, absolutely no pictures.


2. Mimosa city Thailand

Mimosa is located next to the city of Pattaya in Chonburi province, is one of the shopping center unique, extremely complex and increasingly attracts many tourists in Thailand tour to visit stores and explore.



On the road are shiny stone is full of romance, you'll find impressive by the European design seats along the aisle, or the unique out of the store. The special thing is that apart from shopping at the store with a lot of diverse goods, of Thailand, visitors can also visit the garden of ornamental fish or birds with the lovely lovely lamb.



The artificial Canal lines winding around the Mimosa you will have an impression hardly faded with this Thai tour by several image notes geese swimming leisurely, or photos the corner Rails with rows of vines makes people associate to a peaceful country that corner of Europe. In the city of Mimosa is also an outdoor stage in combination with special country music performances attract many visitors. You will panic and find interesting before the image of the "Miss gender switch" program in beautiful monumental dance, sparkling and colorful.


3. Vineyards Vineyard



Coming to vineyards Vineyard, you will lose yourself enjoy the fresh air in a large space that stretches over 1,200 ha area. Vineyards with every entrance straight, mixed with flower beds, flower beds, wall flowers, flower gardens, flower cars, furniture flowers, artificial lake all intertwined like a natural picture colors will bring you feel extremely relaxed in a soothing green space, idyllic.

In the vineyard Vineyard will be sitting in the car you just visit the vineyards while enjoying hand picking and tasting grapes ripened on the tree a great experience in Thailand tour this fascinating. Also you can buy quality products made from grapes, such as grape juice, grape candy, grape jam ... as gifts for friends and relatives too.