So Sihanoukville will be your next beach Southwestern Cambodia

Look sleepy during the day and at night, this coastal Bolt won reputation not deserved. Sihanoukville but should not be ignored - and the number of tourists once again increased and a continuous threat to further development

So what is the deal with Sihanoukville? 

This is the only beach resort in Cambodia since 1955, when the first deep-water port of this country was built here during the French colonial period. Kampong Som Formerly, it was renamed after King Sihanouk Sihanoukville. 

Sihanoukville is not a little "seedy"? 

Certainly, the city has a big party, but it's easy to avoid if that is not your bag. Also once cleaned up in recent years. You can see it along Ochheuteal, the most famous beach of the town, and in the village of Otres, where an emerging creative community. 

And it is not plagued by construction?

Yes, some areas in the city is not beautiful than elsewhere. The specific casino resort is really a bad thing about the landscape, not to mention the impact of the development to the local people and the coast. 

But despite the overwhelming progress, many still cling to their charms. In response, the art center has grown around Otres and some motels (as Chochi Garden and Patchouly Chill House) bring more comfortable experience. It still is not heard a whole beach to yourself. 

OK, it does not sound too shabby. Best beaches?

Ochheuteal are the most common. You'll get a lot of massage services by day and lunch breaks, Clock happy, outdoor barbecue and party at night. Farther west, Victory Beach and Beach Hawaii is a little quieter. 

However Otres is the place to go to. Otres Otres 1 and 2 is lined with beach bars, restaurants and motels. Otres 1 strain is busy and there is a patch between two empty happiness.
What else can I do?

Sihanoukville town centre market, Psar Leu, worth the hike – especially the seafood area if you're not too squeamish. For perspective on the Gulf, come climbing Temple Wat Leu-and time you visited the sunset if you want real fear.

Out of Kbal Chhay waterfall is the city and the fishing village of Steung Hav, while the beaches, forests and mangroves of the Ream National Park, located 17 km to the East is beautiful. If possible, please stay Monkey Maya, a beautiful collection include the Beachfront bungalow Ream.

There are many opportunities to get active, too. You can see the countryside on horseback or follow the beaten (literally) on a dirt bike. The day trip on the island is very interesting, and if you are diving or snorkeling, there are many dive shops on and around Serendipity Beach Road. Otres Island 2, visitors can rent kayaks and paddleboards at Otres Boat Club.

Kbal Chhay Waterfall, CampuchiaMr & Mrs. Backpacker/Flickr

What is the best place for dinner?

Sandan, former employees of the street children, serving exciting cuisine of Cambodia. In fancy hotels, Otres Tamu on the delicious dishes, 2 Otres while in Otres 1, pizza of Papa Pippo is very delicious. Otres village is also a centre of gastronomy, with dishes vegan creation in Pacha Mama, the French cakes and assorted carrots Cambodia at Sok Sabay and Italian food in the Heart of Venice.

Surprisingly, the increasingly popular vegetarian place; Peace Café and featured life's Leaders. If you are looking for something that easily in the bag, the bars on the beach of Ochheuteal served lunch with price $5.