See the old town Phuket travel Thailand

Phuket's capital is known for its turquoise beaches, beautiful people's hearts. But little-known, owns their Phuket old town with old mansion carrying a traditional culture unique. Together we explored the old town are light.

There are many things to be attractive and easy to pull back tourists here, you can hear the taste of tea when jazz a coffee shop on the roadside, we love to buy cloth in store Batic traditional Malay food, enjoy the Fujian Province, Chinese price less than $three, and finally appreciate those buildings hundreds years of history.



Tuk transport is to go to the city is a tourist favorite. However, a thorough exploration of interesting things here, walking is the best choice.



The tourists will take half a day to about 6 2km in length 2 Road Street alley. Tired go back, because the opportunity to witness any appreciation of the design requirements - your Windows shooting game and outdoor balcony, picturesque some interesting shops with color, or the night scene and red lanterns Chinese bright, illuminate the whole city blocks.

Many villa, the house of the long history along the side of the road there are two columns stable until today. The most famous Baan chinpracha built in 1903, this is the Chinese style house in Phuket Island only opened the door for the guests to visit.



Phuket Laguna resort is far from the United States worth to visit. Ago, this place was the Tin mine should be the remnants of a heyday of mining on the island still somewhere that people can recognize.

The store with unique architecture is also one special point attracting visitors to this place. The Sino-Portuguese style buildings are viewed as icons in this place with the Windows to the game of exquisite design and the colorful fence.



Thalang road or path Dibuk gives visitors the many galleries, antique shops, bakeries, bars, fabric store, and all the family store operated through the generations as aromatherapy shop Choon Guan Tong is famous.

The old town in Phuket also contain hidden treasures, such as the Temple of Serene Light located on the Phangna. You can go there to ask for the tattoo and guess the fate extremely sacred. Visit the ancient town of Phuket to feel and discover more of the knowledge.