Safari World - The largest zoo in Thailand

Thailand is located in the tropical area should have incredibly rich ecosystem. So the animal system in Thailand is also extremely diverse, this advantage, Thailand to build the largest Zoo in Asia named Safari World.

Safari wild zoo zoo from the capital Bangkok, about 12km, where the attractions tourists can not miss in any trip to Thailand.



Safari wild zoo was founded in 1988 02 month 17 days with a total area of 69 hectares is very large, there are 75 species of mammals, birds have 300 sources varied from Africa and Asia and the characteristics of every animal in the world. Two areas are: the zoo park (Safari Park), Travel Ocean (Ocean Park Park).



The Safari Park is a place to nurture and preserve the wild animals: from predators of lions, Tigers, ... to the herbivore: giraffes, zebras, deer, pelicans ... With an area of vast, fun here are fed a natural drop in the tropical jungle green canvas of thousands and cool. Visitors can stroll around the car wildlife area stretches 8 km to see the rare animals are protected from the risk of extinction and experience the exciting feeling when being hand fed to Tigers and mớm Professor Prince. Safari World ticket: 1,000 Baht/adult & 900 Baht per child (height 100-140 cm)



Park Marine is the breeding of marine animals characterized as: dolphins, sea lions ... The kind of marine animal intelligence after being thoroughly trained will bring tourists performances techniques and beautiful guests will enjoy performances of amazing marine animals clever special to mention the dolphins playfully and fun ... Tickets marine Park: 1,200 Baht / adult & 1000 Baht / child (height 100-140cm)



When visiting the zoo Safari, visitors not just voyeuristic with performances boxing extravaganza, unique music of adorable monkeys; in addition to experience strong feelings for the show tells the struggle of the alien, 007 with performances thrilling, suspense and the action suffocation of the American cowboy.



Visiting tired enough, visitors do not have to worry because in Safari World has a lot of services: dining, shopping, transportation ... very convenient for guests to choose from. Opening times: 09h00 - 17h00 daily.