Northern Thailand-The Place For Peace And Romance

If someone had once arrived with Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai of Thailand tourism. Surely he will never forget what felt from northern Thailand lands this. Land of romance, peaceful setting ... gives visitors a sense of tranquility of life, where no worries, the noise of the society ...

Welcome the dawn on the Doi Tung-Chiang Rai

Watch the sunrise over the mountains of Doi Tung near 2,000 meters high with a feeling like you can also hand pick the Sun has made us the hands can not leave the camera, want this moment suspended form.

Chiang Rai residents also have a legend about a life of the poor, distant North Pole region. On the way to Doi Tung step Club, the "mother sky" has turned the land as the land of death, mysterious land between the three countries of Laos, Thailand and Myanmar-golden triangle-become a productive and peaceful lands to the amorous visitors. She is the Queen Mother of King Bhumibol Adulyadei of Thailand and so are people here admire.

Explore Chiang Rai

We can not forget the feeling excited and extremely excited as the girl, boy when first hand stroking the wet and ươn outcrops give me lovely giraffe eat in the afternoon sunshine of Singha Park Chiang Rai or Spanish nhẩn sit sunset cocktail party falls on the slopes of the Hill the deep green tea at the restaurant "Phuphirom" on the top of the Hill.

Mae Fah Luang garden in Doi Tung

For adventurous visitors can rent bicycles weave under the winding road offers colourful flowers to a ethnic villages, or experimented with boating activities, canyoning ... Also with females like me then the explore the market with local produce will always be the special attractions.

The land of spirituality

Before parting with Chiang Rai, the Thai people guide you want to introduce a temple with extremely different architectures. The white Temple-Wat Rongkhun appears in the eyes of visitors as members of Crystal in the heart of the city. A local artisans who built the temple to honor the purity of Buddhism, with its special architecture of White Pagoda attracts quite Eastern visitors came here.

Left Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai welcomed us with features is the land of hundreds of ancient temples. The most famous and have historic as well as impressive architecture is the Royal Temple Doi Suthep. The temple is located on top of the Hill, with the soaring spires of gold inlaid on the top and tied to the legend of the sacred white elephants of Thailand.

In addition, we also have the opportunity to experience with the story-telling evenings and enjoy the dishes of northern Thai compound in smoother and folk elements of the same dance with the dancers in "Khantoke Meniscus".

The mountain forests and parks

Coming to Chiang Mai if you go with families and young children, in addition to United Park Ratchapruek then can't miss attractions that "Chiang Mai Night Safari-Zoo night". The experience of sitting in the car the night away visiting animals you just left in the red books of a rhinoceros, hippos or hand for notes, Zebra and sika deer eat bananas, carrots. Or the relentlessly, amazed at the intelligence of the baby elephants when drawing up the vivid picture not to lose what the painter bullshit going is impressive and unforgettable lessons for the children.

Here, learning about nature and environmental protection will become the most exciting subjects for students. In addition, visitors can visit the elephants at the Mae Sae, Chiang Mai to enjoy the performances of elephant painting, working elephants, elephants play football, ... or simply elephant riding tours of the primeval forest.