Location "Aaron Green" in Thailand should visit once in a lifetime

One of the places the famous Thailand travel outside Bangkok, Chiang Mai ... are the Botanical Garden Nong Nooch. This is ideal for those who want to temporarily away from the crowded, noisy streets and in harmony with nature, trees.

Nong Nooch Botanical Garden opened in 1980 has long been a point of sightseeing, relax at the famous Temple of gold. This Pattaya United Kingdom area about 20 km and has an area of up to 2.4 km2. Originally, the area was only up the idea for the cultivation of the fruit. It then became the garden with thousands of tropical plants.



The name of the garden was named after the first owner was Mrs. Nongnooch Tansacha. By the year 2001, the garden in the management of her son. Botanical Garden Nong Nooch is very famous, and annually attracts millions of people travel to Thailand.

Footsteps to the botanical garden, visitors will be impressed by the immense, vast expanse of greenery, flowers colorful. Currently, there are 20,000 Nong Nooch Tropical they were collected from more than 50 different countries. With the talented hands of the gardener, tree care here is very ingenious, meticulous and create many unique shapes like a fairy paintings.



You can bring a camera to preserve the moment are buried in fresh green nature is immense. Every plant in the garden are very carefully planned, by type, separate areas. At the regional Nong Nooch Garden is French, European Gardens, Stonehenge Gardens, cactus and succulent gardens, tree pruning, vines area, butterfly garden ...

The whole garden area of blooming orchid seasons beautiful love. The air here is very cool, throughout the year to create an open tourist moral person. The butterfly in Butterfly Park and Arabia R n enough color or Europe can decorate the garden, pruning style Italy, france...... Also impressed the tourists accidentally.



Don't just help you into the nature, the botanical garden Xuan Nong nooch also provides catering services, allowing visitors to enjoy the rest. After the garden tour friends can go to many good restaurants to enjoy eating in this charming mold. Xuan Nong nooch Zhi, a swimming pool and a senior service vacation to relax. When lightly in the cool the water just lost their natural scenery, isn't it?

First of all, the botanical garden Xuan Nong nooch and performing art tourists 42 elephants performing acrobatics or interesting performances of traditional dance features of the Thai people.