Krabi travel experiences-tourism paradise of southern Thailand

Krabi is located quite far from the capital Bangkok (over 800km) should not yet be known. A small province in southern Thailand along the Andaman Sea coast has beautiful scenery untouched and full of mystery urge the legs of ham. In General, very suitable for the tourists of Thailand would explore other ham.

How to go to Krabi

Want to get to Krabi then you must first come to Bangkok. From Vietnam to Bangkok are simple can by air or car. To get the cheapest fares, you should travel planning from months ago and ticket. After to be Bangkok, you will move to Krabi by plane or bus.

+ Air: pretty much cheap airlines such as Thai Airways, Air Asia, Nok Air has flights to Krabi. You should update its website regularly to hunt promotion with the opportunity to receive preferential prices. From Krabi airport you can catch a taxi way games more than a dozen km to the city centre.

+ Bus: the bus's cost will be cheaper than plane travel however is more time consuming. With the visitors have limited funding or would like to see the way the bus is the logical choice. From Bangkok to Krabi takes games about 12 hours away by bus and there are quite a lot for a day trip.

Krabi What gives?

Krabi is not widely known to be left untouched.

Area: 4709 km²

Population: 456 811

Once you have arrived in Krabi, you will totally win by shimmering beauty, as subterranean paradise here. Not crowded, noisy as Bangkok or Phuket, not expensive as elsewhere, gentle and graceful Krabi attracted many tourists in Thailand.

Splash, bathing

In Krabi has a long coastline with white sand beaches smooth, smooth legs to go along the sea green color of jade in the veo looked to be the bottom. Because of the pristine sea should remain in Krabi is still less crowded, not cramped. Visitors can bring books and lying on a Chair or hammock to read and breathe in the fresh air. Here, you can enjoy sea bathing time, relax on the beach in a true way. Or someone who likes to explore the boat can be rented out to sea to visit the neighbouring islands like the Island Chicken Island, Face ... The names are placed just like the shape of the island made many people see friendly and enjoy.

Scuba diving

Thailand very know how to protect the marine environment should the sea in Krabi is not a "spam, see's had wanted to jump down ùm enjoy. Thus, here you can not skip diving activities full of fun, experience life under the ocean in the fresh waters, blue waters, watch the fish swimming into ever kick up forums or the coral reefs full of very beautiful colors. The friendliness of this harmony itself creates the feeling of closeness with nature to visitors.


If a person has patience and want to improve their health, the climbing is a great suggestion. Visit Ton Sai, Railay and Phra Nang to experience the feeling of conquering steep limestone cliffs, this rugged. Rest assured the service here is fully protected and secure. After climbing to the top, you will admire the beautiful sea view from above. Many people could not hold lap before this beautiful aesthetic beauty of nature. The mountain is also home to you the most beautiful footage of a tour of Thailand.

Eating, playing in restaurants, bars

Krabi inexpensive as Phuket or Koh Samui ... so eating here is very pleasant and comfortable. There are many restaurants sold traditional Thai dishes or western dishes like pasta, pizza ... not worth the price to enjoy. The region's indigenous cuisine such as Kaeng som (sour fish curry) and male phrik kung sot (shrimp tempura fried peppers) are extremely pleased tourists. To the sea then there is no reason not to enjoy fresh seafood nutritious okay not to do. Snacks such as som tum Thai tea ... sold is listed sidewalk. An interesting experience the other night for the young are out at a bar. Krabi bar system is not much diversity in Bangkok but also full styles to choose a trend consistent with itself.