Ideal amusement places along small children in Bangkok

Bangkok is the destination for all people, of all ages. If you travel to Thailand with her family have both children and choose the capital Bangkok as the destination, you don't worry about the place of amusement. Take the family to this address to the newly nagireddy fly jewelry baby just learning more new things after the trip.

Amusement park Kidzania

Kidzania has a precursor in Mexico later developed and very well received in Bangkok, Thailand. Here, the children will be learning and try his favorite occupation of engineers, doctors to firefighters, shop staff ... Through these activities this incarnation, the baby will be experience and career-oriented part love in the future.

While waiting for the children have fun while learning, parents can wait and relax with a cup of tea in the hall, monitor your children's activities and capture images of memories.

Opening times:

Weekdays: 10:00 to 17:00

Weekends and holidays: 10:30 to 20:30

Safari World

Safari World opened since 1988 and became the destination not only of children but also for those who love animals. With an area of 69 hectares, Safari World is the Habitat of more than 75 species of mammals, 300 species of birds coming from Africa, Asia, and several species of animals featured in all over the world.

Here, kids will be looking at the world of wild animals such as lions, Tigers, giraffes, zebras, deer ... From there, the kid will understand more about the animal, the animal's living customs as well as more animal world than love. In addition, to Safari World you also see the impressive performances of dolphins smart, mischievous birds about gifts or buy a souvenir.

Aquarium Sea Life

Aquarium Sea Life is where the baby came into contact with more than 400 marine species and 30,000 individual animals via sea glass tunnel that runs on the main road. If you are brave, you can also try visiting the aquarium with a glass bottom boat or dive with safety cage.

Certainly the kid will love these cute penguins, seals friendly ... Moreover, you are allowed to feed them and do not fear anything. After the visit, visitors try to experience foot massage by fish slightly. These tiny fish helps your feet are relaxed and rid of the pain miraculously.

Ocean World is open daily from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

3D art in heaven

In Bangkok the art of paradise lost in the fourth position of Esplanade trade center of the bustling capital of Bangkok. The museum is two story Gallery of art is a special 3D, let you immersed in the world of art is a no way out. Here, not only to enjoy the art of tourists, can also create a photo album of the shape and style to create impressive art park in Bangkok district and the 6 handed.

Topics include from the natural wild grass, to Wonderland is a fun experience for your family tour in Bangkok.