How to see Angkor Wat without the crowds

The sky lit up. Squint and you can just create change its color, the transition from black and white to black-black.

When the Sun grows more farther, it will change even more, until it spotted enough behind the stone that you can begin to create a ship on the horizon.

You breathe and get ready to experience one of those real moments of a trip. And then a stick adhesive knob in your eyes, a light display lighting the darkness. You were hit from behind and suddenly you can't see a thing. Pale pink stone in the front at Sunrise but you're stuck on the left side of the embarrassing camera guys. You remember the window, important moments, in which the Angkor Wat is the most beautiful.

Well, there are many wrong ways to do Angkor Wat. It is the attractions most visited Cambodia with more than two million feet on camera passing through each year. But do it right and you can have it for yourself. Find out below, but remember: it's a secret.

Travel focus to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia, South-East Asia
How to avoid the crush at the big three

Angkor is not just a temple, but also a complex comprising hundreds of bases spread throughout the vast area that was once there are more people in London. For most tourists although it is three temples: Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm.

The first is Angkor Wat, the temple represents the feature whose name is often confused with the name of the complex as a whole. Although you've viewed once this thousands of times on movies and in the picture, but nothing can prepare you for the beauty of its five perfect spires, each like a corn on the ngao.

Nothing can prepare you for the crowd at the West Gate to sunrise or is and avoid the best thing. Get the Guide to take you to the Eastern Portal and you will go through the Temple from behind, the empty stone corridor light in the dark and wonder who else where. Observe the sunrise from here, lit the rock when it's up, before going out of the West Wing for coffee and breakfast at one of the nearby podium.

By the time you finish, the worst of the Sunrise crowd will get but it will still be early enough to explore in relative peace.

Bayon, pyramid covered with hundreds of half-face smile, is packed from the sun down and seemed to slowly pull the worst crowd down the steps of the giant rock.

Fortunately, this crowd who appreciates a good long lunch and about twelve to two hours in the afternoon you can climb high enough among the faces to get yourself for a few minutes. Just don't forget sun cream, there's very little shade here.

Ta Prohm, take in Tomb Raider, is a contrast, jungle ruins obscured it's most common in the hottest time of the day. This makes sunset becomes the perfect time to visit, as other people knees up Phnom Bakheng Hill to watch the sunset. Do not even think to track them, wait a while and you will have no competition for the perfect picture of this atmosphere of the temple.

Don't miss the undiscovered beauty

Three adults will take a day to see the right to buy tickets three days ($40 instead of $20 per day) to allow enough time to step out of the funeral and view some of the temples that you will not have heard of.

Ta Keo is located in a distance of adhesive of Ta Phrom but not in Tomb Raider and so it is not on the itinerary of most travellers. Even better, the complete Temple of this sandstone is almost impossible downhill, making the climb up the steps of its chunky hard enough to put off most people. Results? A view on the scenery dotted pagoda from 21 metres up, and away from everyone else.

Ta Phrom if - one of the three largest captured the imagination of you, do not miss Preah Khan, a complex of Giants khi up to 10,000 People And today is a pile of wood and stone bound radicals áp thick roots as homes. Very ít người trong wander fields, surrounded by a ditch very quiet, it's like a mirror and surrounded by jungle as you feel like you've stumbled into something unprecedented. 

Receive proper guidance 

, tuy nhiên, more research is before you make, Angkor is just too much to do, Especially at about 400 square kilometers.

To really get rid of the party bus, you need to own a tuk tuk can navigate and a knowledgeable tour guides temples ready flexibility and đề nghị a quiet area where you will not find in guidebooks. This is not a place you can fly, compared the book with a specialist operator Expertise and be updated with the local about the best places to get away from the ever-expanding crowd. 

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