Fresh green garden showcase each have "past" the unexpected in the heart of Bangkok-Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand has a lot of famous places. Whereby Thai tourists choose Bangkok as more and more discoveries. Also by this reason that Bangkok is somewhat hurried, crowded especially on high season travel. But few people know that in the capital also has a place to help you escape from the cramped, formula tingle named Pa Nai Krung.

PA Nai Krung means "the forest in the city", is the Green rờn locations in the heart of Bangkok. Not only is the place attract tourists to Thailand, Pa Nai Krung also people looking to the capital after days of labor may retire. If you are a nature lover, trees and fresh air, cool, then no place more wonderful Pa Deer Krung. People often say if Singapore had the Gardens by the Bay, then Thailand has Pa Nai Krung.

One thing that this garden so special is that "past" of it. Few doubt that the place is located Pa Nai Krung served as gathering places huge waste of Bangkok. But thanks to the creativity and the will of the people as well as governments, today, it became cool green place unique tourist attraction in Thailand. Pa Nai Krung spread over 1.92 hectares area, is open free of charge from 2016. Here trees are mainly tall perennials should overshadow the entire campus, including overhead walkway through the forest section, a small museum and gardens on high, 360 degree observatory. Not only trees, Pa Nai Krung also has 10% of water surface area, creating open space, tranquility for visitors. A positive experience interesting look Krung Pa Nai is walking on the bridge through the forest and up observatories on high.

With the visitors do not e afraid of heights then the bridge walk is the place to help you experience the feeling as hovering above the bottom, beautiful scene is no surprise. A lot of young made check-in points for unique pictures, in harmony with nature. The Observatory high above help you admire the 360-degree scenery card Pa Nai Krung and the surrounding area. What's more amazing work has just been breathe of fresh air just get? Especially if you came here at sunset scenery becomes more fanciful, sparkling. When the Sun gradually sight distance, the Pinky weave down each signal a canopy on low makes people more gently, peacefully. If fast hands, you can capture magical moments this pretty American breeze social network.

Rather, in the future, Pa Nai Krung will increasingly become the green lung of the capital Bangkok. Why not plan soon for a trip to Thailand to help Her leave the cramped city "tingle. Where both the labour force, we also do breathing "?