First travel to Myanmar should go first?

Myanmar tourism increasingly easier with tourists thanks to the opening of integration with the world. Other modern with many other powers, Myanmar still many mysteries full of fresh and attractive. For those who first make a list to Myanmar this wonderful destination to explore the most famous thing in this mysterious country.

Golden Rock

The Golden Rock Temple is extremely famous, located in the State of Mon, Myanmar. The temple lying on the slopes of the mountain at an altitude of 1,100 m above sea level with a calendar sửhơn 2,500 years. Golden Rock bearing shaped like a giant stone gold shiny pointed Tower Summit featured an easily seen from a distance. The temple store symbolism is the strand of hair of the Buddha.

Road to the Golden Rock is quite steep and protruding but many people arriving in Myanmar are not skip visiting this place. Such big rock but only exposed to mountain mere 78 cm2 but always sustained over the years. According to those who up to the Golden Rock bowed, kissing the stone will fortune and become rich. Many tourists Myanmar curious about the architecture of the Golden Rock and come here a lot to admire.


The ancient capital of Bagan impress tourists by ancient beauty secrets phase and somewhat mystical dreamer. Bagan is about to come to a place with more than 2000 large and small temples longstanding. This is not only a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists, tourists but also attract archaeologists.

This magical land has plenty of experience makes you hard to forget. For convenience the system to visit pagodas in Bagan, good for visitors should hire a motorbike. In Bagan has thousands of temples, many temples have been carefully preserved, intact also has many temples destroyed by the time now only left a few traces. You should take the time to visit Lawkachanthar Temple-Thagyarhit phrases-Thagyarpone, Htilo Mininlo, Ananda, Sulamani.

Sunset at Bagan also famous filmmaker should have pretty excuse makes you contemplate the opportunities missed by sunset, when travel to Myanmar. In the afternoon you can see a lot of balloon hovering over Bagan. It is the most ideal way to sunset red one about Sun in this capital.


A peaceful city and slowly in Myanmar's Yangon. Myanmar's former capital was dubbed the "Garden of the East" by owning natural beauty of lakes, parks and lush tropical plants.

Yangon also has featured and sacred monasteries enduring Bagan. Shwedagonđược temple built here a 2500 nămđược view as the symbol of this city by the superficial, the Majesty of it. The architecture of the Shwedagon to leave extremely impressive and unforgettable with all visitors. The food in Yangon also delicious shit is delicious foot attachment to many customers.

Inle Lake

Travel to Myanmar for the first time, you should choose the most popular place to learn about life, culture, attractions of the country. This is also the basis for you to discover interesting things are waiting in the next visits.

Perhaps the name Inle Lake no stranger when referring to this mysterious country. To the fullest visit Inle Lake, tourists often rent boats to go around the lake. Inle lake, but said that more than 116 extremely wide km2. Walking around the lake you will see the rural lifestyle of the people here at the heart of natural beauty.