Explore the ancient capital of Sukhothai of Thailand

To Bangkok, Thailand, many tourists will be stunned by gasoline vapors and traffic noise. A bustling city, modern and traffic congestion, is the center of culture, economy and politics of the Kingdom Origin Golden Temple. In contrast to the bustling city, large urban areas are Thailand's Sukhothai peaceful, less urbanized, people still idyllic incredible. Thailand Sukhothai was the capital following the country's first Siamese of 1238 to 1438. This is the first stage Thais appear. They open up a separate civilization, with the establishment of the government and the arts and their unique architecture. This is also the place to keep many ancient traces, containing many historical sites, culture awaits visitors to explore!

This is the ideal tourist destination for guests who would like to learn about the historical process of the development of the dynasty at the same time understand the culture of the Kingdom of Thailand. Please join us to discover the ancient capital of Sukhothai.

History of Sukhothai.



Sukhothai is still a pretty new destinations for tourists in the Thai tour. This is a ancient Kingdom of Thai people in the mountains north of Sukhothai in 1238 exists ... to 1438. In the early 13th century, the area was still under the influence of the powerful Khmer Empire. In 1238 Pho Khun Pha Muang and Pho Khun Bang Klang Hao together chased the Khmer Rouge, declared independence and choose their capital do the Sukhothai. Sukhothai heyday was under the reign of King Ramkhamhaeng the great, who have created the Thai alphabet and its influence to Myanmar, Laos and Peninsular. Sukhothai became vassals of the Ayuthaya National Intercity rail in 1365 and 1378. In 1438 the Kingdom was reduced to a province of Ayuthaya.

Sukhothai Historical Park


When the swing first thing in Sukhothai province is the travel of tourists can feel this is to keep the spirit still preserved the past several hundred years ago, the space has not been the life of the city, too many people, slowly, plain. So the first point is the tourists to visit Wat Mahathat to 160.000m2 and the Royal Dian Jian area in the Ayuthaya era, is recognized as the heart of Buddhism in Thailand. The preservation of these pillars surrounded by tombstone carved in stone on the words of Wang Lan the great and multi gamhaeng sculpture posture walking in the stone wall. National Historical Park includes many temples built in the Sukhothai government era, around water and grass lush beauty. In addition, tourists can visit the temple to protect the ruins of the city by bike or sightseeing in Sukhothai prefecture.

Sukhothai's old and new



The ancient capital of Sukhothai will be attractive destination with visitors during the tour of Thailand. By offering a full range of factors to attract visitors. And the one that is the division between the old and the new Sukhothai of Sukhothai. Old Sukhothai areas surrounded the old city is a rectangle with length from East to West for about 2 km, is the complex of monuments including the Royal Palace and the 26 large and small temples. The whole of this sector has been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. In contrast is the new Sukhothai, where modern buildings where the busiest and vibrant life. The main opposition has done more for tourists than love the land of this capital.