Experience travel in Myanmar: If you want no trouble in Myanmar need to know these things!

Myanmar is a Buddhist country should the system very diverse monasteries. Therefore, travel Myanmar that skipping the visit temples here is extremely flawed. However due to Buddhism became the State religion should have more private regulation forced the visitors to follow. If you do not want to be seen by the eye discomfort or to work with Myanmar police notes of things once in the temple.

Not carry the shoes when entering temples

A Russian tourist has ever been sitting in jail for a month due to the shoes into the temples under article 295, the criminal acts intentionally insulting religion. Before then, there are also cases of tourists being fined due to violation of this error. To not lose money or whitewash must "eat jail", you should be cautious of this.

Upon entering the temple, visitors can leave shoes outside. You can also bring a bag to store them avoiding confusion or loss. This is the act of consciousness, his respect for Buddhism in Myanmar.

Must dress politely

Myanamar people when to visit temples were very Chin chu, discreetly. So there's no reason tourists do not follow the rules. This is also the principle of visiting temples in many countries of the world.

Thus in his luggage when traveling Myanmar, you should be prepared for at least a long clothes, polite slightly. Absolutely entering temples, tourists not wear short skirts, tops gouged deep chest, revealing or sleeveless ..

Not sitting back Buddha statues

It is also stipulated that many foreign visitors don't notice when coming to Myanmar. Due to the many Buddha statues scattered throughout the temple campus, sitting rest stop when you need to avoid back Buddha statues.


Monk is highly respected in Myanmar should also note much exposure to them. As women you are not allowed to touch monks, do not shake hands with them.

Guests are not monks walked on the ball, not given gifts or celebration with one hand. When giving money to the money in the envelope.

Avoid expressing sentiments in the temple

If in the West, the express is such a normal thing. However Myanmar capital as an Asian country, just opened not long ago should have still more things discreetly. They don't like the son daughter Willow Avenue express in public places especially in the temple. So, if you travel to Myanmar was also the lover should avoid the warm embrace of fire in the temples.

Preserving Order

Anywhere then keeping order is also important and human consciousness. In the temple which is the sanctuary, you should not cause large noise, laughing, or pushing, toying.

With photography

Photography in the temple in Myanmar is also quite regulation. Some places in the temple will allow or not to capture. When shooting, you have to earn a serious look, do not be overweight, take the Buddha as props or play jokes. You can not take pictures of monks without permission.