Experience Guide Travel in Myanmar

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is famous for the temples, the blond huge stock, the more beautiful beaches property, cuisine extremely rich and diverse with people in this family friendly, honest and gentle. All make up the beauty and power can not be from visitors to travel, so the Myanmar becomes the destination of millions of tourists worldwide to the country this Buddha land.

What makes us want to recommend that visitors do not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful country of Myanmar. Here we will highlight some of the reasons tourists travel to Myanmar immediately! Do not hesitate any more come to visit to learn about the culture of the country sweeping it this Burma. Guests will have a pleasant experience and memorable in this beautiful country of Myanmar.

The land of "gold" for people who love to move their

What do tourists enjoy most when travelling to Myanmar is enjoying the nostalgic beauty of the temples, the city and feel the peace. Although in recent years, Myanmar has started opening up to welcome tourists, but the country is still not a strong focus on travel should arrive, you'll be feeling like I was the first in the region to explore a place full of the mysterious thing. Besides, Myanmar also travel a lot popular tourist magazine voted destination where tourists like to go dust not to be missed.

Delicious cuisine

Although Myanmar cuisine heavily influenced from the countries of India, China, Thailand and the culinary cultures of the various ethnic minorities, but the food of this place still has attractive features. Not only delicious, the cuisine of Myanmar also picky in how special and is very cheap. If given to Yangon or Bangan, you take advantage of opportunities to enjoy the unique street food dishes such as: tea and bread plates, Nangyi thoke, mannequin samosa, pastas, rice dishes and grilled Shan Curry fragrance.

Owner of beautiful beaches

Country Myanmar coastline stretches over 2,000 km untapped much, so the beaches here almost intact wild beauty inherent. Myanmar travel, nothing is more fun when resting the charming beaches of the Bay of Bengal, especially Ngapali beach just 45 minutes drive from Yangon.

Explore the country with more than 2,000 temples

With a treasure trove of Buddhist temples, was built by the Pagan King, over the centuries, no longer doubt asserts Bagan is one of the greatest archaeological sites on Earth.

With 2,220 temples survive to this day (in the range of 13,000 temples during the climax), you can freely explore. The temples are located at a fairly close together, so you can depend on the conditions to move form options such as: walking, cycling, bus, tuk or hot air balloon.

Sunrise and sunsets unlike anywhere

To Myanmar, the most famous locations for you to watch the sunset is the Ubein bridge in the picturesque ancient village in Amarapura (considered the longest teak bridge in the world), a brilliant sunset views in the world. Also Bagan will be ideal for you to welcome the first rays of the day.