Discover the Golden Mount Wat Saket temple in Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Saket is a tourist attraction in Thailand and is known as the Temple of the Golden mount (Phu Khao Thong Golden Mount ' or ') is a delicious low hills with a glittering Golden stupas. Inside the Tower, 58 m contains Buddhist symbolism and welcomes the faithful to enjoy the cult throughout the year. The temple is also celebrated annually in October, takes place a week during Loy Krathong (Festival of flower lamp post solar drop).

The area around the pagoda with many trees grown along the Chapel, the Chief Justice and the library. Its origin from the Ayutthaya period (1350-1767) with many overhauls under the reign of King Rama I (1782-1809).

Gold peak of Wat Saket



Built on an artificial Hill, Wat Saket is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Bangkok. This is also the place where pilgrims during one week in November in the stage to enjoy the cult believers. To reach the top need to climb the 300 steps around as snake winding. Walkways are paved and good work go up pretty easily if you don't go to the noon or the hot months of summer.



Before the climb, you'll see a cemetery filled with trees and vines grow luxuriant. The reason is probably at the end of the 18th century, Wat Saket is cremation Center of capital and buried more than 60.000 victims of the disease. As to the top of the Hill, you will be greeted by a wall of the tone and the look on the history of Bangkok.


Golden Mount temple festivals

annually, Wat Saket held a big festival on the occasion of Loy Krathong, usually in November followed by worshiping relics. On this occasion, the tower is covered with a red cloth and a ceremony procession lights (candles) marks the start of the ceremony a week-long fun.



This was a rare opportunity to experience a large-scale festival. The colorful lanterns, flags brilliant, fun board games like bring the true meaning of life. Crowds of believers, families and the crowded promenade Assembly yard from early evening until late at night during the week. Sometimes had no space to walk. If you go after sunset, people go to the Temple Mount line of Gold can extend to the Rattanakosin Hotel. So go as early as possible.

Each year, Wat Saket held a big fair in the Loy Krathong, usually in November, following a ceremony worshiping Buddha relics annually. During this time, the chedi gold wrapped in bright red cloth giant, and a candlelight procession to the summit marks the opening of the week long fun fair. This is a rare opportunity to experience a large-scale temples like this anymore. Colored lanterns, decorative flags, food vendors, as well as games and rides bring fair place to live. Crowd of worshipers, families and fair, spectators packed the temple grounds from early evening until midnight for the entire week. Almost no room to walk. If you go after sundown, queue up to Golden Mountain can start as far as Rattanakosin Hotel. So, plan to go as soon as possible