Discover heavenly island called Koh Chang in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country, a tourist too familiar to tourists with a lot of mystery should explore. Here we would like to introduce to you the island Koh Chang-a beautiful painting titled paradise of Thailand country with many interesting points you need to explore.

Beauty attracted Koh Chang

Koh Chang, also known known as Island Elephant, close to the center of Bangkok, Thailand 310 km, is a tourist destination and resort amazing you can not skip the tour Thailand around. Just arrived in Koh Chang, you'll be lost in a fairy place, ecstasy before wild seems to wonder. Koh Chang is located in the nature reserve, so everything is to preserve and take care to ensure pure beauty, the most natural.



Here is the blue sea, white sand and white in the sun's tropical forest fragments stretched thick, green, cool, beautiful waterfall, cool people with peaceful and friendly elements, the KOH Mengdao increasingly attract many international visitors to visit.

In KOH often play what

Only took a tour of about $4 million to visit five different island, you can enjoy the beauty of nature's magic is still very interested to see the sea diving coral and fish swimming light color caper, an interesting experience for visitors to Thailand. In addition, often with KOH Island, you can experience fun adventure activities, such as skydiving, surfing, fishing, kayaking or ocean exploration......



When the sun goes down, then you go about dropping themselves relax with a Thai massage to prepare for the evening enjoy seafood dishes prepared with culinary style of the golden pagoda.


What to eat in Koh Chang



Thai cuisine is famous the world to taste sour, spicy, salty, sweet blend into each dish, delicious flavor, appealing people. Upon arrival to the island of Koh Chang in the tour of Thailand, you can not ignore all the seafood dishes freshly prepared special, just to keep you fresh, delicious characteristics of raw materials, both in harmony aromatic spices spicy delicious produce peak. You should note choose dishes with a combination of coconut, as it not only aromatic flavor, but also increase the sweetness, the greasy for dishes like squid butter sauce of coconut, shrimp steamed coconut water, coconut fried seafood, tomyum ... will make you want to eat there will be no end.