Chiangmai Thailand-All What You Need To Know

Chiang Mai is a famous city of Thailand travel with many interesting tourist attractions. Traveling from Bangkok is also very convenient.

Chiangmai Bangkok 700 km to the North, is an important town in northern Thailand. Chiangmai peaceful, cool climate with ideal terrain for tourist activities. and is the capital of the province of the same name. Over the years, Chiangmai still maintain the tradition of a famous Crafts Center, manufacturing of products made of wood, silk, silver, ceramics and many other things. This is where the largest demand for Thai handicraft shopping.

-Go to Chiang Mai on time would be best?

If only a year away, the best time is November. Loy Krathong Festival coincides with the month and this time in Chiang Mai also se se like cold climate of northern Vietnam.

-And then, buy cheap air tickets to go Chiang Mai on time?

If you actively work to go Chiang Mai and travel, you should purchase a ticket at the beginning of the year, when that Air Asia promotion ticket sales open 0.00 to Bangkok. Reviews for round trip – Bangkok 1.5 million range fell into Vietnam.

-How to go to Bangkok Chiang Mai?

There are many types of reviews and media to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. The type of bus that Bill go VIP bus 565Bath price is per way (about 400,000 dollars). Computers are also quite cheap for the service and the quality of transport than in Vietnam. The occasion is going to Bill the festive season should not know have no price increase, but I hear what you said here it only takes 380Bath per way with similar vehicles? Maybe not the price for VIP seats. The bus in Thailand different types of vehicles in Vietnam that you ever go. The toilet system on the car, comfortable beds, serving pastries to snack in the evening, there is the café or milk each morning when you wake up without brushing.

If you go to Chiang Mai as Bill, after 2 hours flight from Vietnam to Bangkok and 10-hour bus ride from Bangkok, I was received and the northern city of Thailand - Chiang Mai.

You can consult online to Chiang Mai route by plane or train. But if you take the train, the bus will go to the Bill suggest more reasonable. To Bangkok, you can catch the bus at 8pm, then, sleep was 6am tomorrow morning and then went to Chiang Mai. Save both 1 night hotel again. Chang does not.

- How to catch the bus to Chiang Mai from Bangkok airport?

From Don Mueang airport, you catch the A1 bus (stop in front of the terminal) go straight to Mochit Bus Terminal (This is the bus station to buy tickets to Chiang Mai) took 30Bath. Last ride in Chiang Mai travel Mochit Bus Terminal is at 21h40 offline.

- Go to Chiang Mai bus station and then do what?

In Chiang Mai bus station, the tuk tuk drivers there own pride. They agreed the price with you, can not be sure that there are cheaper, and after a while you do not have to, they will leave and never wants to talk with you again. Whether you agree with the previous price they gave after a consultation with each other.

His experience is to find the boys, her corn hole, his go 1, 2 and then merge their common union in order to rent a car. Then the price will be cheaper, Games 40-50Bath / person (number of 4-5 people is valuable then). Car will take you to the hotel you have booked on-line.

- Depart Chiang Mai should be located?

In hotels, boarding houses, homestay ... depending on the pocketbook? And your desire to experience. Where, too, you should reserve a room by booking online service in agoda. You will have much softer prices when book directly in Chiang Mai.

- rent a bike in Chiang Mai is what kind of?

Before a friend asked Bill to rent a bike in Chiang Mai as it is, is safe, a helmet, should put the money left to equity or passport?

Bill is the answer to the taxi service in Thailand friends should be very pleased, rent a bike is not the place especially in Thailand of Chiang Mai. You should not work, deposit deposit money, should put your passport to the car rental hold, because before you sign the contract, all together are the police. It is important that you remember to bring a driver's license, some parts of Vietnam, because you have no license can not rent a car. When you rent a car, someone to give you a decent and remember to wear a helmet wearing helmets, toward the left lane of traffic in Thailand.