Chatuchak flea market - junk food paradise of Bangkok Thailand

Thailand can be considered a top tourist paradise in Southeast Asia with many popular destinations and unique cuisine. Simple as snacks in Thailand also attractive enough Footbinding travelers. Chatuchak is meeting market every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in Bangkok is famous for its excellent snack


1. Takoh Cake



Takoh is the traditional cake of the Thai people. This cake is wrapped by a layer of green, open the foil layer is a surprise for people to enjoy. You only have the first bite could smell the coconut water and salty days immediately melts in the mouth.

Section made from corn's extremely sweet. The combination of this exciting too cheap so we only spent 10-15 baht for a slice Takoh.


2. Pancakes Kanom Buang



Although called Donuts are baked crispy rụm on the one hand large pan, then the seller will leave sweet or salty discretion of customers. Guests can test version Kanom Buang with coconut version, special-delicious.

Coconut's fatty flavor and sweetness of the cake making delicious food can't describe lyrics. The crispy crust of bread and sweet rụm melt on your mouth will do both remember forever the feeling.


3. Cream coconut



The sweet cream bar staff, where the cold tongue will disperse your fatigue after hours of shopping at Chatuchak under hot weather. Which is the famous country many coconut, this dish definitely made famous fruit and coconut.

Part coconut cream delicious will cost about 35 baht (22 thousand) with spices served with various guests wear jewelry selection: corn, pumpkin boiled, jaggery, syrup, strawberries, cereal, peanuts, beans red…


4. Mango Tango



Mango Tango is a well-known brand on the desserts made from mangoes of Thailand. Mango Tango enough charms any traveler though is would be done in this shop.

A dessert section has reviews from 45 baht and over.


5. The traditional milk Thai Tea



2 Thai tea for visitors to choose from: green tea and red tea. Food and drink Thai characterized by tastes pretty sweet milk tea dishes should also not be the exception. If not, you can add more of less ice and stir thoroughly before drinking.


6. Banana wrapped chocolate



A cold banana chocolate dip with sweet liquid and cereal or peanut government travelers will become more excited. A simple processing that is quite interesting. Prices for a sweet chocolate coated banana rod is 30-40 baht. Just look and always want to eat, right?