Admire the splendid Basilicas of Thailand

Thailand is Vietnam's neighboring country, as if in the country of Vietnam under socialist regimes, while the Thai side under a constitutional monarchy, in which the Prime Minister is head of Government and a King father transmitted the connection is the head of State. But in fact, the King's role is largely ceremonial, with the Prime Minister holding almost all power of the Government. Thus the Imperial Palace in Thailand to build very beautiful and extravagant, but no less grave. The Royal Palace is the ideal place where guests could not ignore when it came to Bangkok of Thailand. The Royal Palace not only served as the Palace of the Kings of the Kingdom of the inflammation and the place of worship of the Kings, and is in the heart of the Thai people towards. The Palace was built according to the architectural style of Eurasian, so when to Bangkok, don't miss the chance to learn about history as well as culture of Thailand.

The Tower of gold-plated roof of the Royal Palace is the most famous attractions of Bangkok. Architectural monuments not to be missed is the ideal place to take beautiful pictures from outside and more 200-year history of the Royal relics behind the white walls of the Palace were always waiting for visitors to explore. This architectural complex is the area where the Emerald Buddha was the public worship and many other pagodas, statues and temples.



The Imperial Palace was built in 1782, during the reign of King Rama I, who established the Thai capital of Bangkok. Visitors will have a chance to admire the ancient throne of him in Your Amarind-residence and Office work (Hall of Justice) of the King. The Imperial Palace in the Royal family for more than 150 years and still hosts the ceremony of the King tide equivalent.



Today, the Imperial Palace is a complex of blend between the decorative and architectural style of Thai, Asian, European, because each of the King, according to their interests, added the new architectural details over the years. Don't Miss Your Boromabiman with French style and architectural building Phra Si Ratana Golden, bell-shaped architectural style typical of the 19th century. Be visiting North Korea at the Dusit Maha Prasat to admire the ancient throne Pearl trinket. Chakri Maha Prasat is the side directly next-a neoclassical style of architecture with the Spire of the tower are typical of Thai architecture.



On the day of the week, go straight into in order to visit the Museum of weapons. The inner zone surrounding the Palace served as the King's harem, the only area dedicated to women and children. This area is still not welcome visitors.

Follow the footsteps of monks in saffron robes to the Wat Phra Kaew - most sacred places in the whole area quanthe Imperial architecture. In the temple, visitors will admire Emerald Buddha on the lotus precious traditional Thai gold.



Royal Palace is located at the right bank of the old town, on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Ferry transport is the most convenient for tourists can enjoy the views, the Tha Chang Pier is located not far from it. Zone closed populations from mid afternoon, so come early to get a full day tour. Me shielding arms, legs and feet before entering the campus. Guests can participate in a guided tour for free, and discover for themselves the Imperial Court architecture in the tourist guidebook or manual recording machine with relatively cheap rent.