Address dining restaurant in Bagan - Myanmar

Bagan Myanmar tourist city is extremely popular. Here, there are more than 2000 large and small temple with a long history for your unique perspective on the culture of your country. Also, the food in Bagan is also worth your attention. Burma is poor, prices are cheap. You can easily find the cheap and tasty restaurants in tourist itineraries his Myanmar.

The Moon Restaurant

The Moon Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in the area of Old Bagan. It has become the leading choice of most travelers especially Western hotel when visiting ancient Bagan. Favorite restaurant not only conveniently located near the historic district famous Ananda Temple, but also by the quality of the dishes. The Moon Restaurant space close to nature, is the ideal place for you to stay away from the sun on hot summer thanks to the green trees. Hospitality and friendliness of the staff restaurant with reasonable prices definitely bring you the best satisfaction excursions to Bagan.

Most of the dishes here are vegetarian. There are also many creams and other beverages such as Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso coffee ...

Weather Spoons Restaurant

A great option that you should not miss in the journey to explore the cuisine is Bagan Weather Spoons restaurant. The travelers had arrived here can not forget the great taste of dishes in this restaurant. Weather Spoons impresses with varied menu, reasonable prices and friendly staff, attentive. This is considered the most ideal suggestion for any tourist visitors Myanmar criteria save.

Food in Weather Spoons may cause you to have to fret because there are quite a range, from map Europe and America to the traditional cuisine of Myanmar.

Star Beam Restaurant

In the long list of the restaurant "substance" in Bagan, Star Beam was recognized as an outstanding local restaurants. The point of it is to set the special dishes, friendly service and cosy atmosphere. The Star's space open Beam, just eat you just can see pagodas temple scene. This is the focal point of the Star Beam that any would also like to go back a second time. The menu of the Star Beam including the high-end, luxury Western dishes to the local cuisine.

Black Bamboo restaurant

If tourists have not found consistent his favorite native magistrates put right place at Black Bamboo restaurant. Will be wasted if you miss the opportunity to enjoy a meal at Black Bamboo when tourism Bagan. Situated in a great location, with lovely gardens, the restaurant will surely amaze you when enjoying a meal in the lovely scenery, romantic. The restaurant's furniture made from wood also feels friendly and rustic. Black Bamboo food include Western and Asian dishes. There are also drinks and ice cream for dessert.